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Embark on your musical journey with KeyBox Studio's exclusive offers. Discover our tailored lesson packages designed to suit every aspiring musician's needs and aspirations.

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Tune Into Growth: Advantages of Music Lessons

Embark on a musical adventure with KeyBox Studio and gain not just musical skills, but also enhanced cognitive abilities, a boost in confidence, and valuable social experiences.

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Enhanced Cognitive Skills
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Increased Confidence
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Social Interaction and Teamwork

Our Harmonic Approach: The KeyBox Studio Method

At KeyBox Studio, our teaching method is a symphony of traditional principles and innovative techniques. We believe in a holistic learning experience that not only teaches music but also instills a lifelong appreciation for it.

Our approach is tailored to individual needs, ensuring each student thrives in their musical journey. From fostering technical skills to nurturing creativity, our method is about more than just notes; it's about cultivating musical passion and excellence.

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Melodic Endorsements: Voices from Our Studio Families

These stories and reflections from parents and students alike provide a glimpse into the transformative power of our music lessons.

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Maury Harris
5 Stars

"My kids have been taking guitar and piano lessons here for the past six months. They love it! The teachers are knowledgeable and patient and fun. Bonus: I never have to ask them to practice! They do it on their own. My daughters take from Tiffani and she is outstanding. They adore her. I'm so glad we found The Key Box Studio!"

Happy Customer Photo Avatar
April K. Malone
5 Stars

"So thankful we found Key Box. We've met nearly all of the instructors as we started with private lessons, did their summer piano camp, and have now transitioned to piano lab lessons. I am going back to taking piano lessons after an 18-year hiatus and am learning along with my kids so that I can work on some of the duet pieces with them. It's been good all around. Highly recommend this studio."

Happy Customer Photo Avatar
Kevin King
5 Stars

"My 4 year old has taken 3 sessions of little keys at Keybox studio.  What a great program!  Christine is great with the little ones and my son is definitely learning a ton.  As a piano teacher myself, I know how hard it can be to keep the attention span of a group of little ones.  Christine is fantastic and keeps them engaged for the whole hour!  Definitely recommend Keybox Studio and Little Keys!"

Frequently Asked Questions at KeyBox Studio

What does a group lesson look like?

Group lessons are fun and exciting! In each 60-minute lesson, students move at their own pace and level, receiving private one-on-one instruction within a group setting. We have found with an increased lesson time and interaction with their friends and peers, students are progressing quickly and having so much fun in the process.

Where are you located?

KeyBox Studio is conveniently located on Higley Rd just south the 202 S. in Gilbert, AZ. Easy access from the 202 S./ Higley Rd. exit makes us a great option for your child’s music lessons from families living in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley and surrounding areas!

How much do lessons cost?

Annual tuition, which covers a total of 47 learning experiences, is divided into 12 equal installments of $165/month. This amount remains the same regardless of the number of lessons taught in the month, but each day of the week receives the same number of lessons throughout the year.

What kind of commitment is involved?

New students, or students returning after a break, are required to commit to a minimum of 6 months of lessons. After 6 months, the following withdrawal policy applies: if you need to withdraw for any reason, 30 days' notice must be given in writing to info@thekeyboxstudio.com.

Do you do make-up lessons?

Your lesson time is reserved just for you! If you need to miss for any reason, we kindly ask that you cancel your lesson on your My Music Staff Account. Then, feel free to register for our free BONUS activities throughout the year and BONUS SUMMER LESSONS in June and July. If a teacher cannot provide a scheduled lesson, at the management’s discretion, a substitute teacher will be provided, or an alternate lesson time will be offered.  

Do you do a trial lesson?

Yes! We understand that enrolling at KeyBox is a commitment and to ensure your confidence in this important decision we offer a complimentary trial lesson to all prospective students.

What is included in tuition?

Monthly tuition includes all events listed on our studio calendar. Additionally, we offer free BONUS ACTIVITIES & EVENTS throughout the year. Keep an eye on your email to sign up for these extra activities!

Do you accept ESA funds?

Yes! We are an ESA/Class Wallet approved vendor. If you receive ESA funds for your child, they can be used to pay for music lessons at KeyBox with your ClassWallet account or your ESA debit card.

Do you have a registration fee?

Our yearly registration/materials fee covers the cost of all books, materials, recitals and festivals. This keeps things simple for families while ensuring students always have needed resources for learning. New students or students returning after a break will pay a $50 new/returning student fee and a materials fee of $75. Continuing students pay $75 once a year on the date of original enrollment.

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